Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary Uncle Frank and Aunt Mina

On Saturday we were happy to celebrate Wes's Uncle Frank and Aunt Mina's 50th Anniversary. It wasn't the actual day but since they live in Elliot Lake, we were very happy that a lot of the family could get together to celebrate such a wonderful and happy event. The afternoon party was in Newmarket at their son, Dale's house. We were a little worried about Sarah missing her nap and of course she was up early that day and had a very busy and energetic morning. She did manage to have a short power nap in the car which seemed to serve her well. There were a lot of family who were able to attend and everyone had a wonderful time visiting and catching up. You just never get to see family enough so it is so enjoyable when you do get the opportunity.

Sarah was shy and clingy at first but eventually she warmed up. There were two little girls there and Sarah was very curious to play with them. Eventually when she saw them playing on the swings she wanted to join in and then the slide and eventually the teeter-totter - Daddy had to help with the teeter-totter. Sarah also found the play kitchen which she loved - she cleaned dishes and made cookies.
Then it was time for cake - Sarah lost her shyness and joined the kids at the coffee table for the cake cutting. Sarah got part of the blue flower.
We were lucky enough to get pictures with all the Aunts and Uncles. Sarah liked playing with Aunt Mina and Aunt Colleen.
She also likes playing with Uncle Bobby - she told him to go away and hide - which she thought was really funny.We all had a wonderful afternoon and thanks to Dale and his family for hosting the celebration.

Happy 50th Anniversary Uncle Frank and Aunt Mina.

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