Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow and more Pig Tails

Last night it snowed - we have been very lucky this year and not had much snow - well since I'm not a fan of winter I call it lucky - I'm guessing the skiers are not as pleased as I am. We got a great deal on Sarah's snow suit but we haven't had much of a chance to use it - so today we got all suited up and headed out to help Daddy shovel the snow.
Sarah still loves to help Mommy and Daddy with just about everything so it was no surprise that she wanted to help with snow removal - although she wasn't out too long before she was ready to hang up her shovel.
She did manage to break in the snow suite and make a few snow balls. Daddy helped with this one as she had already taken her mittens off.And the throwing of the snow ball was more of a drop at her feet. Oh well, maybe she is like her Mommy and won't be a fan of the snow.
Now onto the quest for Pig Tails. I think Sarah looks just adorable in them - Sarah likes them but only for a few moments then wants them out - I have to bribe her with the promise of a picture just to get her to come downstairs with them still in - then I try a few distraction techniques but she doesn't fall for them very long before she is insisting that they come out. You can decide for yourselves but I think they look very cute.

Here is a close-up so you won't miss what they look like.
On a side note, Sarah still loves her cars and when we go out we always make sure some are packed in the bag - Mommy and Sarah went out with Grandma for lunch after some shopping - here Sarah is showing off her balancing skills - very talented.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gung Hay Fat Choy

Happy New Year Everyone - we are ringing in the year of the Tiger. We were not sure if we were going to do a family celebration this year as we have had a lot going on with Wes's surgery and his recovery, Christmas, finding a good babysitter, which we thankfully did and getting Mommy and Sarah use to going to daycare. After much thought we decided that we were going to need a number of trials before we got a New Year celebration that worked and was uniquely our families so that meant we better start sooner rather than later, that way we would have everything right by the time Sarah was old enough to understand. Sarah got all dressed up in the dress we brought back from China - it just fit her even though the size says it's two sizes bigger than what she is wearing - she just looked beautiful in it.
We had tried pig-tails earlier in the week and Sarah is very good at letting you put them in - she wants to see what they look like and is very willing to pose for a picture - then - she wants them out.
Grandma was very pleased that she let her put pig-tails in once she was all dressed up - Sarah was happy to pose for her picture - then they came out.
I did manage to get some great pictures of Sarah in her dress. Luckily Daddy bought Mommy a new camera that has a setting for pets and children as Sarah insisted on showing how you can jump in her dress.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of our friends and family, or the tons of food we had. We tried a combination of making some simple items like rice and doing the M&M thing for some other dishes and then we just broke down and ordered a couple of the others.

Our neighbour was kind enough to make a couple of dishes for us - she makes spring rolls to die for and I'm not a big spring roll kind of person but I just love hers. Sayham came over early to drop off her wonderful home cooking and I got a quick pic with Sarah.
At the end of the evening I also managed to remember to take a picture with Auntie Nancy.We think we did a pretty good job with our first Chinese New Year Celebration - we had too much food but we think everyone enjoyed themselves. Sarah started the morning off not feeling too good and needed to cuddle with Mommy for a while, which I didn't really plan for - a quick call to Grandma who then came extra early to help out to save the day and Sarah then had a good nap on Daddy and then she was up happy, feeling better and ready for the party. Sarah is so well behaved we just can't believe how lucky we are with her and again she was just as perfect as can be at the party. I do need to give a huge thanks to my Mom for coming over early and helping me get ready and all her help during the party as well - also a huge thanks to Auntie Lolo and Kiki for all the wonderful and yummy food they brought and all their help during the party - I really couldn't have pulled it off with out you.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Potting Training on the Horizon

We have known for a while that Sarah was showing an interest in using the potty so we got a potty for the downstairs bathroom and she sits on it and copies us using the toilet from time to time. She also asks to be put on the toilet, mostly when we are getting ready for her bath - she sits on it for a few seconds - announces that she is all done and wants to wipe and wash her hands. Well tonight we had a first. We don't have a potty upstairs but we have a stool and Sarah asked to sit on the potty tonight. She did the usual few seconds and announced she was done and got down - we were running the bath and she was selecting the toys she wanted in the tub and was putting them in. It looked like she was almost crossing her legs and she asked to go back on the potty, so back up on the potty she went. I suggested that she just relax and push a little and sure enough we got some peepee in the potty - Yay!!!!! Well she was very pleased with herself and we called Daddy up from downstairs to tell him and he was all excited. Then we had to call Grandma and she told Grandma that she did peepee in the potty. It looks like Sarah may start her potty training without us. We had discussed potty training with our babysitter. She has a little boy one month younger than Sarah so we thought we would train both at the same time to make things easy at daycare. Our sitter suggested more in the warmer weather so we don't have to deal with snow pants and the layers of clothing which sounded like a good idea but now - I'm not so sure Sarah is prepared to wait for the warm weather. We will have to see how things go from here and of course now we better get a potty for Sarah's upstairs bathroom.