Sunday, October 25, 2009

We're Home From the Hospital

We are all home safe and sound. This was a little longer stay than last time - but Sarah is doing very well. She came through the surgery well - her first night was a bit uncomfortable but the doctors increased her pain medication in the morning and she felt much better. Sarah seemed to have more post operative pain this time but the nurses and doctors worked very hard to keep it under control and as comfortable as possible. Our stay at Sick Kids was a bit longer than we had first thought but we felt better staying the extra time to make sure everything was going well. Sarah gave them a bit of trouble right after surgery - her heart rate and blood pressure was up more than they would have liked and she wasn't keeping her oxygen levels up to where everyone was happy. She was eventually sent to her room with oxygen but she didn't need it for very long. The staff at Sick Kids was wonderful again and they couldn't have been more thoughtful and helpful. They even wrote on the white board in Sarah's room "Welcome Back Sarah" - there were even a couple of staff members who remembered Sarah from August. Daddy took all but the first night shift and let Mommy have the hotel room at night. Daddy would go back to the hotel in the morning for his sleep. After the first night Sarah slept through the night but the nurses kept waking Daddy up and the hospital is very noisy with all the activity going on so Daddy didn't get much sleep but it was great that we had the hotel room for Daddy to get some extra sleep. Everyone is tired but glad to be home - Sarah is eating and drinking well although she is definitely weak and tires easily so we will be taking it slow for the next few days for sure.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

The entire family was able to make dinner yesterday at my Mom's house for Thanksgiving. The table was set beautifully.
We were all able to enjoy a nice visit before dinner.
Sarah, of course was able to remain the centre of attention the entire time.Gavin and Liam were busy playing on Grandma's computer and not too interested in getting their picture taken.
Auntie Janice has been busy knitting, sewing and crocheting all kinds of things, but she did bring over a couple of the cutest hats. Sarah didn't want to put them on but - always ready for a picture - once the camera was out - she was very willing to model a couple of hats.

I've put a link to Janice's new website - Janice made a beautiful crib quilt and matching bedding for Sarah for when she came home - so check out her site for some beautiful items.

Everyone had a great visit and Grandma made her usual very delicious dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Next Surgery Date

We have our next surgery date - October 21st - at the Hospital for Sick Children. We are so pleased that it is coming up quickly. We have been having some frustrations with Sarah's post operative care and will be glad when this surgery is complete. Sarah has been a real trooper with all her post operative care. We all had to get use to the bag changes and then we started having problems with them leaking - but through it all Sarah has been great. Mommy and Daddy have been more upset with things than she has. Sarah has also tolerated all the doctor visits well. In the beginning she was very upset but the last one we had she was perfect and the doctor said she was her favourite patient. We are also grateful that the doctor does not need to see her now until the surgery - so no more weekly runs into Toronto. We were so happy with her care from the staff at Sick Kids with her first surgery that we are anticipating that everything will go smoothly again this time.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Thought it was time to do a post about the most patient dog - Bear. Bear is getting on in years even if Wes says he is still only 7 - he is actually more like 15 years old. He has been so good with Sarah - you just couldn't ask for better.

He has had to endure several physical exams - both by the vet and then by Sarah - this picture is Sarah using her stethoscope. She did witness an exam by the vet where he took Bears temperature - Wes caught her the next day with Bears tail in the air and a very panicked look on Bears face.

Bear has had to endure other doggie indignities, which he graciously accepted. There was the surprise appearance of the sticker - not quite sure how it got there - we are pretty sure Bear didn't request it - but it appeared none-the-less.Sarah has also taken to taking Bear for walks - this was a spontaneous event - one day I turned around in the kitchen and there she was with Bear by the choke chain - it seems to be a the perfect height for Sarah and Bear just quietly and patiently just let her lead him all over the house - although he does give us these looks that he would prefer not to go for these spontaneous walks inside the house - so we then suggest that Sarah play with something else.The walks Bear prefers are the outside walks and Sarah loves to take Bear on these as well - at least there is one activity that Bear and Sarah enjoy equally.Bear has always been a very gentle and obedient dog and we didn't really have any worries about Sarah's arrival with Bear - but we must say that Bear has surpassed anything we could have expected of him - he has been so good - with the steps on - toys dropped on him - dolly strollers run over his feet, blankets put on him and the not so gentle "pets". In all fairness - he would have been justified on a number of occasions to offer up some kind of warning to Sarah's roughness - but he has just been the ever so patient and gentle Bear. Everybody loves Bear.