Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dinner in Mississauga

Last night Grandma, Mommy and Sarah were invited to Auntie Mandy and Auntie Meghan's house for dinner. We were introduced to the new addition to the household - little Oscar - he sure is a cutie. Sarah also hadn't met the other furry friends that are part of Auntie Mandy and Auntie Meghan's house. Sarah really liked Alara - who is actually Millie's Mommy. Alara is nice and quiet and didn't mind Sarah petting her.

Sarah was a little nervous of Shazam - he was just a little too interested in Sarah and got excited so unfortunately no picture with Shazam but we got one with everyone else.

Auntie Mandy and Auntie Meghan made a very tasty dinner - Sarah's favourite - spagetti for her - tortilini for the grown-ups - and Sarah's favourite desert - smarties - she wasn't as impressed with the ice cream but everyone else liked it. We did notice that there was not a smartie left in her bowl.

After dinner it was time to relax for a while and play with toys and the furry new friends.

Everyone had a great visit and Sarah had a wonderful time at Auntie Mandy and Auntie Meghan's house.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fun Days

Yesterday, Auntie Lolo stopped by after Jazzercise to have lunch with Sarah - very yummy and fun time.
Today, Sarah had a play date with her new friend, Reese. Auntie Heather and Heather (our photographer) joined in the on play date. They had a wonderful time playing with Sarah's toys and for a special treat and we all went to Wendy's for lunch.

It was a very busy morning so after our Wendy's lunch it was time for much needed nap.

After dinner it was off to Uncle Kevin's house for a car seat check. Sarah also was able to visit with her cousin Gavin who introduced her to the new addition to the house hold - his Gecko - Stumpy who is just a baby. Sarah was a lot braver than Mommy. She was very curious about Stumpy.

Sarah even asked if she could hold Stumpy in her hand and then she did without hesitation.

Sarah even asked Mommy if she wanted to hold Stumpy - Mommy politely declined.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Picton Family Reunion

This weekend was the Picton Family Reunion. Wes's family gets together in September every year at his Mother's and Poppie's farm in Picton. It's a nice time to visit and catch up on what everyone has being doing the past year. Wes's family was looking forward to meeting Sarah - some of them - for the first time - Wes's family is spread out so with the distance they don't get together as often as they would like.

Sarah has been a couple of times now to the farm and although she was a bit afraid of the horses at first - this weekend all she wanted to do was pet the horses - here she is petting her horse Princess.
She was a bit unhappy about Pink Kitty riding Princess - Sarah actually did do a quick - Daddy assisted - ride on Sue but unfortunately I didn't have the camera with me at the time - guess we will have to get the photographic evidence next trip.
Sarah's favourite is still, of course, the barn cat.
We arrived on Friday - some of Wes's family came on Friday as well and the rest came on Saturday. There were several small kids for Sarah to play with which was great - Sarah seemed to be quite comfortable playing with them. Here she is on Friday playing with Tashiana who was very excited to meet Sarah and even gave her a lovely little grey teddy.Friday was a busy day - Poppy makes a great fire for the evening - Sarah was a bit nervous at first about the fire but she was also very tired so we didn't get to stay too late to watch much of the fire.
The program for the weekend is very relaxed - there is lots for everyone to do and we have lots of time for visiting - the only requirement is that we eat all the food or Paul doesn't allow us to leave on Sunday, LOL - and there is a lot of food.

Paul has a beautiful antique Mustang and Sarah was not going to be left out of any car activity. She had to get her picture taken in the car while the men were tinkering with the engine. As you can see - she had the celebrity look going for her and seemed quite comfortable behind the wheel.

Everyone had lots of time to mull around and visit and Sarah kept herself busy exploring different areas of the farm.
Sarah felt okay about letting Pink Kitty ride the statue horse and cow on the front lawn.
It was a very busy weekend for Sarah. She checked out some flowers with her Uncle David.Exploring the front garden.

A little swing in the hammock.
Playing skip rope with Daddy.
The guys got together for a bit of barn basket ball - not something you would see very often.

Sarah wanted to go looking for the horse out back to pet once again but I guess all the day's activities finally caught up and - well you can see Daddy had to bring her back without the horses.
Ultimately, Sunday arrived and then it was time to say our good-byes for another year.

Here's the whole gang, except for the photographers - there were a couple who aren't in the picture.

Another successful Annual Reunion - Sarah had this much fun.

See everyone next year!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Time to Catch up Again

Time really seems to fly by so fast these days. We have been very busy with doctor appointments and nursing visits following Sarah's surgery. Sarah is doing extremely well and the doctor seems to be very pleased with her progress. Sarah seems to be tolerating the nursing visits okay - luckily the doctor and the nurse don't take Sarah's less than happy greeting personally.

Our neighbour is very excited about Sarah and is always bringing her yummy things to eat. Here is a picture of one of her most generous visits - Sarah just loves all the treats she brings.
She was so excited when Sarah agreed to sit on her knee for this cute picture.

We also made another trip to visit Wes's Mom in Picton at the farm. Sarah did manage to pet two of the horses eventually but the sun was in the wrong direction and we missed the photo op. but here she is with Daddy visiting her horse Princess.

Grandma has a statue of a horse on her front lawn and Sarah seems to like petting this one more - here she is showing Pink Kitty the nice - non-moving, smaller horse.

Sarah still seems to like Grandma's and Poppies barn cat the most - she even let Sarah pet her this time, but she did have to be persistent in chasing her for a while.
Poppy was away fishing on this visit but Sarah did pose for this lovely photo with Grandma.

Grandma's friend, Florence made this beautiful quilt for Sarah - thanks Florence and Ernie - I know Sarah will treasure it for many years to come.
We have a home care nurse come in twice a week to help with Sarah's post-operative care - on this visit the nurse left Sarah a pair of gloves so she got out her stethoscope and posed with her most serious future doctor face she could come up with.

Sarah and I were also invited to a Fireman's Brunch at the Fire Hall one Sunday. They put on a big delicious spread and Sarah was not shy with eating her breakfast that morning. Afterwards we posed with Daddy's crew and Platoon Chief. Sarah has visited the fire hall a number of times and is quite familiar with Daddy's crew now.

Daddy's Captain's wife, Polly was also invited to Brunch and Sarah took quite a shine to her right away and posed for a nice picture with Polly.Sarah really had a great time at the Fire Hall.

Today Mommy had to get her hair cut and Sarah needed her first bang trim - we weren't to sure if she would be interested or allow it but the hair dresser was flexible so we gave it a try. Grandma came along to help keep Sarah occupied while Mommy had her hair cut. Here is Sarah thinking about it while Mommy gets her hair done and she tries out the chair and it's kind of a before picture.

The hairdresser Laura was really great - she not only had to convince Sarah to trim her bangs but she had to hit a moving target and she had to temporarily give up her necklace in the process.

After Mommy and Sarah were beautified - Grandma, Mommy and Sarah went out for a celebratory lunch at Wendys - as you can see the finished bang trimming turned out great.Tomorrow, Mommy, Grandma and Sarah have to go to Sick Kids to see the surgeon again - hopefully we will be able to get a date for Sarah's second surgery. Also, this weekend is Wes's Annual Family Reunion in Picton so I should be able to update more frequently than I have been.