Monday, January 18, 2010


Today was was the first day that we left Sarah at the daycare. We have been over so Sarah could get use to the babysitter and the other kids. Sarah seemed to have adjusted well to the daycare and seemed very comfortable at Christine's home. Now it was the big moment - Mommy had to leave for a short while - Mommy was not happy about this but short of becoming instantly independently wealthy - Mommy was going to have to go back to work and Sarah was going to have to go to daycare. We also felt that it is good for Sarah to have this socialization - she seemed to be ready for it. So Mommy stayed for an hour and a half to make sure Sarah was settled and then Mommy told Sarah that she had to go to work for a short time and would be back. Christine and Sarah walked Mommy to the door and Mommy gave Sarah a kiss and a hug then Mommy left. Mommy cried in the car all the way home - luckily it's a short drive then Mommy thought it would be good to keep busy for the hour I was suppose to be gone - so - Mommy called the vets and re-ordered Bear's medication, called the surgeon and left a message for a follow-up visit appointment, tidied up toys, made a cup of tea, emailed her girlfriends at work for support, vacuumed the family room, talked to a girlfriend at work for 5 mins (she called me to give support), swept the tile floor then mopped the tile floor, put away bathmats, drank my tea - now it was time to go get my poor, poor little baby (Mommy had been watching the clock very closely for that hour to pass).

As you can see Sarah had a great time, after I left, Christine and Sarah went back to the family room and she asked for Salsa Tots CD to be put on and she played with the other kids, finished her snack, listened to stories, danced and all around had a great time. No need for Mommy to be worried. She at least asked about me once and she was told I was at work and would be back soon and Sarah was good with that. We go again on Wednesday and the plan is that I will say goodbye at the door since Sarah seems so comfortable - the babysitter is literally in the next block with instructions to call if she seems distressed or disturbed or is crying and can't be comforted and distracted. It appears that the only one distressed or disturbed is Mommy but if my nerves keep up - at least I will have a very clean house on Monday's and Wednesday's.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Christmas

We got what we wanted for Christmas back in March and have been waiting so long to have a Christmas with our daughter - it was exciting, joyful and exhausting. My family lives close by and we have lots of traditions - first my Mom and Dad come over and we exchange gifts and open stockings - then it's off to my brother Greg's for a meat, meat and more meat Christmas breakfast (it's something you just have to experience - you are very full and satisfied by the end of the meal and there is always tons of food left over)- then usually back home to rest for a bit then off to my other brother's Kevin where we enjoy a fabulous dinner that Heather makes. It is a lot of running around all in one day and this year we got to experience that running around with Sarah - now Sarah comes with a lot of luggage - remember Mommy has never travelled light so besides bringing our gifts to give we have all of Sarah's "things" that we need to bring as well. This year was extra interesting since Daddy had his shoulder operation a week before Christmas and needed help as well. I can tell you that Mommy was pretty tired by the end of the day but well worth it.

Now on to the pictures of the day. Sarah, we believe, has never experienced Santa coming to the house and she seemed a little overwhelmed by all the gifts around. Some of Santa's gifts were wrapped and some were not. We got up early and then came downstairs to see Daddy (Daddy is sleeping in a recliner to help support his shoulder- since that sounded a little strange after I wrote it) - it was still dark outside when Sarah woke up so she really didn't see all the gifts under the tree. We then took her into the living room to see what Santa brought her since she was such a good girl all year - couldn't have asked for better!
Sarah seemed to know that the gifts were for her and had no trouble checking them all out.
Santa remembered what Sarah had asked for in their stocking - Kit Kat and there it was!
Now the best way to search through your stocking is to sit on your new step stool while you dig everything out.
I just happen to like this picture as it shows how organized Sarah is - she has her new car dish and bag of Kit Kat's all set up on her new stool, ready to go.
Sarah was very clear to Santa that she wanted CARS for Christmas - yellow, blue, red, green, brown just to name a few colours and she was not disappointed. Santa brought cars, cars and more cars.
Now the time leading up until Christmas there are flyer's in the paper - when Sarah saw this picture of the match box type cars she just went crazy for them - to the point that she had to have that page of the flyer to look at each day. Here are some pictures of Sarah opening her present from Santa - we are pretty sure all the colours are there.

Sarah bought Mommy a new camera for Christmas as her old one was being held together by an elastic - what I can't believe is that I forgot to bring it with me to Greg's meat, meat and more meat Christmas breakfast - you really have to see this spread of food that also includes pancakes , eggs(any style) and toast with jam - unfortunately everyone will have to wait until next year for pictures. Sarah of course was spoiled at Uncle Greg's as well.
Grandma helped Sarah open her gift to her - they both seem to work together very well.

Sarah got an extra surprise from Aunt Clare and appears to really like her playdoe gift.

Sarah seemed to enjoy all her gifts and was just going around playing with everything - here she is busily learning her letters and numbers.Now before we went to Uncle Greg's all the new cars had to be taken out and put in a line - Sarah seemed very happy with how it turned out.

It was finally time for Sarah's nap - then off to Uncle Kevin and Aunt Heather's for dinner. Sarah was once again spoiled with lots of gifts.

Grandma and Poppa got a special gift this year - a framed picture of all the Grandchildren and Heather created a book of all the wonderful pictures taken at a photo shoot at Cullen Gardens by Heather's close friend Heather. Heather added captions on the page - very touching everyone had a tear in their eye after going through it - Grandma and Poppa were loved their gift

After a delicious dinner made by Auntie Heather and a bit more visit - it was time to go home. Uncle Kevin got Sarah changed into her jammies and got her new hat and mittens on.

Then it was time to say goodbye and thanks to everyone - Grandma got one more hug in before we left.

We all had a wonderful Christmas this year.

Grandma and Poppie Visit

Better late than never I guess - trying to catch up on my posts.

Just before Christmas Grandma and Poppie came down for a visit - we all had a good time opening presents and enjoying a nice lunch and visit. Sarah was spoiled once again with some great gifts from Grandma and Poppie.
She was quite excited to open her stocking.
And you can see that she certainly loved her new Elmo from Grandma and Poppie.

Sarah was very happy to show off her new top.

Sarah also liked helping Grandma open her gift.

She then showed Grandma a new way she could wear one of her new tops.It was a great day and Sarah really enjoyed her visit with Grandma and Poppie.