Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Liam

Yesterday we went out and celebrated Liam's birthday. My neice and nephews are growing up so fast - everytime I see them I just can't believe it. Liam had a fun hockey party for his birthday in the morning where Sarah stopped by for a quick visit. After hockey the kids went back to Liam's house for cake. Sarah was greatful for the invitation but felt that she would save the room for the yummy dinner planned at the Manderine that evening. It was a wonderful dinner - everyone seemed to enjoy themselves - Sarah brought Pink Kitty along to help her entertain the table. The Empress was, of course, seated at the head of the table.We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful family that just adores Sarah. Daddy had to work and was very sad about missing dinner at the Manderine but everyone helped Mommy out getting food for both Sarah and me.
Sarah had a great time and everyone ended the evening with a big huge laugh.
Hope you had a great Birthday Liam.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Today started with giving Daddy his gifts - Daddy said he didn't want anything for Father's Day but he at least had to get one traditional Father's Day gift - so Sarah got him a tie and then she got him a few framed pictures of her and Daddy - she got his favourite picture of the close up of Sarah holding Daddy's finger in a heart shaped frame that says "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" and two more pictures framed with Sarah and Daddy and a larger frame that holds 7 pictures of Sarah and Daddy. I think Daddy was pleased with his gifts. Then it was off for breakfast at one of Daddy's favourite breakfast places - everyone had a nice big breakfast.
Then it was home to bake some yummy cookies for Daddy. First you have to make sure you have everything ready - Pink Kitty was supervising all wrapped up in her blanky. Sarah helped adding the ingredients. Opps - too many chocolate chips. Not a problem - Sarah to the rescue - easiest solution - just eat the chocolate chips out of the batter.
Daddy enjoyed some time playing his XBox.

Then it was off to Grandma's and Papa's house for a family BBQ. Sarah enjoyed playing with Gavin, Rachael and Liam. And had some fun with Uncle Kevin.Sarah also had to get her picture taken with her Papa - Happy Father's Day Papa.We all had lots of good food and fun - although there were different opinions on the gourmet flavoured Jelly Bellies.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


We lost our beloved little Brandy today. She was diagnosed with kidney failure last week and had spent 3 days at the vets getting treatment and was sent home with special food and some medication - we had to take her back this past Monday for more tests to see if things were helping and it wasn't good news but the hope was that if we gave her fluids with an IV bag under her skin that it would help her levels. We went back on Tuesday and the vet showed us how to do it and gave her a fair amount of fluid. She seemed better on Tuesday but by Wednesday afternoon and evening she seemed to be deteriorating. We had to make the difficult decision to take her in today - the vets at Baker Animal Clinic are just wonderful. They are so helpful and so compassionate - our regular vet that we like so much wasn't in today but one of the other vets spoke to me on the phone extensively this morning and she was very familiar with Brandy's case and what had been done to date. She was so sympathetic and understanding and supportive - we couldn't have asked for better treatment for me and for Brandy.

Brandy was 16 years old and had a good life. Wes had rescued her from a tree stump when her brother Max had wandered up to the farm house one day - Wes followed him back to where the litter was and there were already a number of kittens who had died - Brandy, Max and another one were still living but not by much. Wes had thought on a number of occasions that he was going to loose Brandy - she had a chronic stuffy nose and was so tiny that everyone thought she was just a little kitten and not a 16 year old cat. Anyone who had picked up Brandy knows how affectionate she is and how she holds onto you with her nails - she has plucked a number of sweaters in her day. She always came to the door to great you and company and would always spend evenings sitting on you or on the arm of the chair beside you. She was a funny girl and did have some odd sleeping styles.
Even our vet said she was just not a typical cat and more of a dog. She was also so good with Sarah - Sarah would poke her in the nose and eyes and try and pick her up squeezing her - considering that she did have her claws she never said a word or tried to scratch or bit her - although she would have been justified on a number of occasions.
Brandy we love you, we will miss you and we will never forget you.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day in Picton

Yesterday we went to visit Wes's Mom and Step Dad in Picton. Wes's horse Princess is staying there as well so we thought it would be nice for Sarah "The Empress" to meet her horse "Princess". It was also Grandma's birthday the day before so we met up in town and took Grandma and Poppie out for a birthday lunch - Happy Birthday Grandma
Then after a yummy lunch it was time to head out to the farm. They have a lovely farm with lots of room for the horses - Grandma and Poppie have two horses of their own and are happy to have Sarah's horse Princess stay at their place.

Then it was time for Sarah to meet her horse - the picture I took of Sarah meeting Princess was not very flattering for Wes - actually the horse is covering Wes's head completely (I need an new camera and I need some talent to take pictures) - Sarah was a little bit intimidated by the horse and didn't want to sit on Princess for a picture so we only have one picture of her meeting one of the other horses - she has a mask over her face to keep the black flies off - hopefully later in the summer we can get some better pictures with the Empress and the Princess.
There was lots of room to run around on the farm and Sarah took full advantage.Sarah was very interested in Grandma's barn cat Maggie and was always trying to get close enough to give her a pet - she did succeed a couple of times as Maggie is very friendly for a barn cat.After all our play outside Grandma made us a nice dinner - all in all a great day at the farm.