Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

I'm a little behind in my posts so I thought I better start with Daddy's Birthday. Wes's birthday is Christmas Eve. Sarah got up nice and early to give Daddy his present.
Daddy had requested that Sarah make his birthday cake which she was really happy to do - here is Sarah doing the part she does best -mixing.

Then Daddy taught Sarah how to lick the beaters - Sarah seemed to really enjoy this part.

Finally the cake was all iced and ready.

Sarah wanted to help Daddy blow out the candles.

She did a great job.

I think Daddy had a good Birthday - Happy Birthday Daddy

Next post will be Grandma's and Poppie's visit and then Christmas.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snow and Water Play

As far as we know - Sarah has not experienced snow before - there was a bit when we got home in March but receintly there has been a significant snow fall and Sarah found it interesting. Since Mommy and Daddy are not cold weather fans - Mommy found a way to introduce Sarah to snow ball throwing in the warmth of our own home. First you open the sliding glass door and scoup some snow up from just outside the door and make it into a snow ball.
Then you pitch it through the sliding glass door into the back yard. Sarah seemed to enjoy the concept as well - I'm guessing Mommy and Daddy at some point are going to have to get all dressed up and do some proper winter play.
The next day it was time for some inside water play which Sarah really, really enjoys. She got her makeshift apron on to try and keep her clothes dry and she had lots of fun washing dishes and play - so much so that she almost forgot to smile for the camera - almost.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Visit and Parade

I'm a little late in making this post as we visited Santa a while back but I now have all the pictures back and time to make the post.
We thought we should explain the whole Santa thing and what was going to happen when we visited Santa - we explained that she would sit on Santa's knee and he would ask her what she wanted for Christmas - Sarah was very quick to decide what she wanted for Christmas - here is a short video of the final practise session before we left to visit Santa.

Kitty was all cleaned and ready to go as well - we decided to go on a Friday morning thinking that it wouldn't be busy and we got lucky - we went to the 5 Points mall and there was only one other family there. They were really good as they let us go up for a practise visit to see how Sarah would do - she wasn't to keen to sit on his knee but was willing to sit on the arm of the chair beside Santa - Santa said we could try for a picture and he would just lean in - well as soon as the camera was up and ready to go our little model was all smiles. I think they got a good picture.After the Santa visit we went out for breakfast - Sarah really enjoyed herself and was really excited about the candy cane she got.That Saturday was the Whitby Santa Clause Parade - it was cold that day so we all had to bundle up. Grandma and Papa joined us on this cold day. My camera was acting up so I only got a couple of pictures.Sarah seemed to enjoy the parade but wasn't that interested in the marching bands although she liked the music - what she always pointed out was all the cars that were in the parade. Our little Sarah does love her cars.