Friday, May 22, 2009

Mother`s Day Part 2 & Dancing

You can`t imagine my surprise when Sarah walked into the kitchen last night with this ring box - Sarah and Daddy had got me this beautiful family ring for Mother`s Day - it just wasn`t finished for the actual day - I just love it, it`s just perfect - what I always wanted!

Sarah still loves her music and wants it on all the time. She is always breaking into spontaneous dances or bopping her head to the music.

She even loves to get her Pink Kitty included in her dance numbers.

Some kind of dance program or class is definitely something we are going to have to look into very shortly.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Last Few Days

We started with baking a cake - Daddy had been working a lot of shifts at the fire hall so we surprised him with a cake the other day - Sarah likes to help with all the stirring
And with the clean up
Pink Kitty has now become a constant companion and was there to watch the icing and sprinkles put on the cake - Sarah does seem to have some evidence on her face to show that she had to do some sampling of the icing while it was being applied

After dinner - Daddy and Sarah had some fun playing fishy on the head

Earlier in the week - Sarah and Kitty were having fun with sunglasses - here, Sarah is hanging out, looking cool with two of her kitties - Pink Kitty and Brandy

Today Sarah had a fun day - she started with taking Kitty for a ride on her bike - Kitty rides in the back.

Then she had visits from Grandma and Uncle Greg - Uncle Greg, Aunt Janice, Rachael and Liam brought Sarah a lovely dollie and this really nice hat from their vacation in Florida - Uncle Greg loves playing with Sarah and they had lots of fun playing with their new hats.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day,

I got up this morning and Wes had left this beautiful basket of flowers for me before he went off for work - there was also a card from Sarah that she had signed and a card from Wes. A nice way to start off the day.
Then it was off to visit Grandma and give her her Mother's Day gift - we stayed for a little snack before we left to go home.
I also received some lovely "First" Mother's Day surprises from my friends and family - thanks so much, Laura, Gayle, Dayna and Heather.
Last night Grandma, Sarah and I attended the Waiting Mommies dinner - this was Sarah's first time to the dinner as the previous one was held during our visit to China. This is a wonderful group of women who are all at some process of adoption - we meet every other month for dinner. In honour of Mother's day - siblings and Grandmothers were invited. Sarah was so well behaved, ate a big dinner and played with Grandma and sat so well - here she is building another one of her towers with the creamers.
Over the last week we have been enjoying different things - here Sarah is enjoying playing with water.
Sarah is also loves Mommies old purse and especially her car keys - she didn't exactly say were she was off to but it couldn't have been too far as she had taken her socks off once again - but she does seem to be ready to head out to the car.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Planting Bulbs

Our Sarah has been a very busy girl these days - as you can see she loves her phones - sometimes she has two going at once but it seems that Mommy's cell phone works best - she takes her phone calls very seriously - we are thinking that she is talking to her broker in these pictures - buy, sell - order new baby CD's - remembering to charge to Daddy's credit card.

Today though, she was helping Daddy plant his favourite flowers - gladiolas. it was a nice day and it took some persuasion but when I mentioned that it was best to be very helpful with Daddy before he gets his credit card bill with all her baby CD charges - she decided to help out.

Janice and Rachael were a big help with our garden this year - it's a new garden and we had nothing in it but weeds - a couple of weekends ago they came over on a beautiful Saturday and dug up all our garden, weeded it, then Wes went and got some topsoil to fill it in. Janice had split a lot of her perennials and brought them over and then she and Rachael planted them all for us - what a huge help!!!! There is no way I would have the garden so far along without their help -thanks so much!