Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back to the cups

Sarah has receintly gone back to playing with her cups. She will stack them up and then take a step back and admire her work - she gets this look on her face of awe at the creation she has made - just too cute for words. She also likes Daddy to stack up the cups and she then runs over and knocks them all down, clearing the table - then kills herself laughing at what just happened. She is also very much a big ham. So tonight she was again playing with her cups and admiring her work - I was admiring her work with her and then wanted to see if I could get a picture. Since the camera was on the other side of the room - I wasn't sure if I could get the camera and back in time to get a picture of this lovely tower. I told Sarah that I wanted to get a picture and she ran over with me to get the camera - I told her to go back to the cups and I would take her picture and she ran back over and I was able to get her to stand beside the tower to get her picture. She willing posed and I asked her to show her teeth and I got a couple of big smiles. I don't have the best camera so I had to take several pictures just to get these two as she is willing to pose but doesn't stand still so most of them were blurry. But not to worry - I just told her I wanted to take another picture and she was willing to pose once again. Then she wants to see herself in the picture so I always have to show her on the camera - the second picture she is pointing to her lovely teeth - since that's how I got her to smile and I think because we took so many pictures to get two that were non-blurry she felt that I wasn't sure where her teeth were so she was pointing them out. That's our Sarah - always willing to help out. You will also notice that the stethoscope is still in the picture - she is still playing doctor - Bear, Brandy, myself and Sarah all had exams this evening. You will be happy to know that we all checked out just fine.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vet Visit

Today we had to take Bear to the vets for his annual visit. Bear did well and we are waiting for some blood test results just to make sure everything is okay with him as he is getting older. When we took Sarah to the Dr.'s about her cold she was very interested in the Dr.'s stethoscope. She actually helped herself and the Dr. let her run around the room with it for a while - she popped it around the back of her neck like the Dr. had it - very cute. She was also quite reluctant to give it up when we were leaving. We didn't think much more about it until today at the Vets office. She again was interested in the Dr.'s stethoscope and after he examined Bear he made the mistake of getting down on Sarah's level and close enough for her to help herself to his stethoscope. He let her have it and she immediately walked over to Bear and started to examine him exactly like the vet had - Bear was not impressed since he had already endured one exam and wasn't interested in a second one but he was patient. When we got home I dug out my old one I had from school and Sarah started her examinations right away - as you can see Bear was once again her first patient - she crouches down a bit as the vet was listening on Bears side so Sarah has to try and get the same spot. She hasn't quite got the ear piece down - they are too tight for her to put in her ears but that's isn't going to stop the examination.
No one was spared as Brandy also had to get an exam - she didn't make herself too available. Bear is quite relieve in the background that Sarah has a new patient.
Once all the examinations were done for the time being - Sarah had some lunch and finished with the traditional bowl on the head - we had a hard time getting the shot since Sarah thought it was really funny to put it on her head then let it slide off but you kind of get the general idea.

Don't think the examinations are finished - Sarah proceed to play with the stethoscope the rest of the day on and off - I guess we will have to invest in a children's Dr.'s kit and we better start saving for either veterinarian or medical school. Here is Sarah in the traditional Dr. with stethoscope pose.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Fun

We spent Easter Sunday at my Mom's house - as you can see - a beautiful table was set and Sarah had a lovely Easter Basket from Grandma waiting on her highchair in the corner.

Everyone had an enjoyable afternoon visiting. We were a little later as Sarah didn't take her nap until a little later in the day. Everyone was waiting for the little Empress to make her arrival.

Sarah woke up from her nap a little grumpy that day but Grandma was still very happy to see her and it didn't take too long for Sarah to come around.

After dinner has always been the traditional Easter egg hunt but we haven't had it for the last couple of years since Rachael, Liam and Gavin have gotten older so everyone was so excited that we were able to have one again this year. It was cool that night and Sarah had her coat on and cousin Liam's coat as well. It's traditional for the kids to go out for a walk while the Easter Bunny (Kevin) comes to Grandma's back yard.

Sarah had lots of help collecting all the eggs and chocolate that the Easter bunny left - cousin Gavin was nice enough to take pictures for me with my camera while we were all helping Sarah. It didn't take her long to pick up the routine - find the chocolate - pick it up - put it in the basket.

Even my Mom's dog Molly came out to help out - although I think she was a little upset that none of the chocolate ended up her way - sorry Molly - dogs can't have chocolate.

Uncle Greg finished the evening off with some magic tricks with Sarah's help - very, very cute and Sarah seemed to enjoy being Greg's assistant.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone,
Sarah woke very early this morning - even before Daddy had left for work. Not so good for Mommy. But we got an early start and got our breakfast and dressed up to visit Daddy at work today and bring him an Easter treat - unfortunately I forgot to bring the camera to record the visit. But I did remember to take pictures of Sarah making a surprise Easter treat for Daddy. As some of you know - Daddy is a bit of a cookie monster and lucky for me he likes this oatmeal cookie mix to which I add milk chocolate chips. Sarah wanted to help and I did remember to take pictures this time.
Here is Sarah putting the mix in the bowl - she had to make sure it all got in.

Sarah even helped with the mixing

She even checked to see if it was mixed properly - well actually I think she was trying to shake the oatmeal mix off to get to the chocolate chips as a few of those were sampled during the mixing process.

Then there was the patient waiting while they were cooking

Of course, after lunch we had to sample the cooking - Sarah was not impressed with the cookies - I think Daddy will be happy about that as he doesn't like to share his cookies too much.

Sarah is having a nap right now as the rest of the day will be busy, visiting at Grandma's house with the family and the big family turkey dinner. Daddy is going to meet us there after he finishes work - dinner will be a little later so Wes doesn't miss it - Grandma spoils her favorite son-in-law too. I've already packed the camera so I hope I remember to take pictures while at Grandma's house.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pictures from the Family Shower

My sister-in-law(Heather)'s best friend Heather is a photographer and she has been taken some beautiful pictures that I wanted to share with everyone - she was part of the welcoming committee at the airport when we returned and put together an amazing book of our arrival home that we will forever treasure. She was also at the Family Shower and took some wonderful pictures.

Here are just a few of them:
The beautiful Table (sister-in-law)Heather prepared
The yummy cake
Sarah helping with the unwrapping
Sarah enjoying the yummy cake

Playing outside on the beautiful day with some her new digs
Sarah hamming it up for the camera for Heather

Sarah wearing the traditional Shower HatThis is a stunning picture that Heather captured - I just love it.

Here is some of the fantastic pictures that (photographer)Heather took on the night we arrived home:
The Welcoming Committee :

Arriving: Meeting everyone for the first time:
Going home in style:

First look around the new house with Daddy:
This is Daddy's favourite picture

As you can see we have been so fortunate to have (photographer) Heather taking these pictures for us and rest assured she has taken many, many more beautiful pictures and has offered to do a family portrait for us once we are all settled - I'm really looking forward to that. Thanks so much Heather for capturing these wonderful memories for us - they truly are a treasure to have.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Breakfast Dancing

I got Sarah these eggs from Hallmark when I was getting Dad`s birthday card because she really likes music - they have been a hit but she likes both of them playing at the same time - they are small enough that she can carry around and they were sitting on the table this morning and she wanted them when she was eating her breakfast - here`s the results - a morning dance with your breakfast - I`m not sure but she may have been trying to sing with them at the end.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Family Shower & Happy Birthday Dad

My sister-in-law Heather hosted a beautiful shower on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and it was wonderful to see everyone. Sarah got to meet a lot more of her family who has been so excited and anxious to meet her. The gifts were extremely generous and perfect for Sarah.
Sarah helped unwrap them and started playing with the toys immediately - she has been poring over them a number of time today and I know she will enjoy all of them. Heather had a yummy spread of sandwiches and a beautiful cake. Sarah couldn't have been better. She stuck to Mommy pretty close at first and was just wanting to take everything in but as the presents were unwrapped she relaxed more and eventually my niece Rachael was able to convince her to go with her and play with some of the toys outside so Mommy could visit with some of the guests. Wes was working nights so he stopped by on his way to the station and to his surprise Sarah wasn`t there - she was down the street with her cousins, Rachael, Liam and Gavin having a grand òl time in Gavin`s old car. It was also my Dad`s birthday so my family stayed after the shower to have a birthday dinner for Dad and Sarah continued to be a perfect little angle. Daddy had managed to get her down for an early nap in the morning as we knew it would be a long day for her and we were worried that she could get overtired by dinner time. Auntie Heather made sure Sarah had her favourite dinner - princess pasta and Grandma fed her her dinner, then she had a big bowl of watermelon. Auntie Heather was packing up some of the extra food and was putting away the grapes - Rachael had given her some and she loved them - so Heather offered her some more. So she wouldn`t choke on them, Auntie Heather was biting them in half and giving Sarah the other half - no sooner did Heather hand her the grape - she was pointing for Heather to get her another one - poor Heather had a hard time keeping up but she managed. All the guys loaded up the presents in the car for me as Wes by this time was at work and Greg, Janice, Rachael and Liam stopped by on their way home and brought everything into the house for me. It was a wonderful day and Thanks again to Heather for hosting such a wonderful shower for Sarah.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blood Work

On Thursday we had to go to the hospital to get some blood work done for Sarah - we kind of knew it was not going to be fun for her. It wasn't a nice day - raining and Wes drove us over and let us out at the door - we had made an appointment so they were expecting us. Wes went to park the car and Sarah and I went up - they took us right away, which was nice to not have to wait. They said they do small children regularly. They had me put Sarah on the bed since it is safer - well that's when the tears started and they just got louder and stronger through the entire procedure. She was quite the fighter - kicking the one technician while she was holding her - I held her as close as I could to try and make her feel more comfortable but she wasn't going to fall for that one - sometimes we think she is too smart for her own good. They went as quickly as they could and were able to get the samples they needed and we were all done by the time Daddy made it up. We stopped off at Timmies in the lobby and a donut made the day all better for her and the procedure was soon forgotten.

The cats seem to really like Sarah - we don't know why as she is quite rough with them and we always have to remind her to be gentle as she pokes them in the nose and eyes and squeezes the life out of them - but they seem to come back for more - although I've noticed that Brandy is for the most part keeping a safe distance from her. Brandy seems to prefer to spend quality time with Sarah when she is napping - then they are the best of friends.Our Sarah does like her music and does love to dance although she doesn't let us catch her on film very easily but we did manage to get a short video of her dancing abilities.

Laura and Grandma stopped by yesterday and Grandma brought lunch for us since we are still down with colds. Sarah ate all her chippies but took a long time to do it. She was quite the entertainer and Laura seems to be able to bring her out of her shell quite quickly and it's not long before she is showing off for her. She even waved by and gave Laura a kiss and then blew her a kiss when she left, poor Grandma only got a blowing kiss. It was such a nice visit on an otherwise cold and rainy day.