Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Potting Training on the Horizon

We have known for a while that Sarah was showing an interest in using the potty so we got a potty for the downstairs bathroom and she sits on it and copies us using the toilet from time to time. She also asks to be put on the toilet, mostly when we are getting ready for her bath - she sits on it for a few seconds - announces that she is all done and wants to wipe and wash her hands. Well tonight we had a first. We don't have a potty upstairs but we have a stool and Sarah asked to sit on the potty tonight. She did the usual few seconds and announced she was done and got down - we were running the bath and she was selecting the toys she wanted in the tub and was putting them in. It looked like she was almost crossing her legs and she asked to go back on the potty, so back up on the potty she went. I suggested that she just relax and push a little and sure enough we got some peepee in the potty - Yay!!!!! Well she was very pleased with herself and we called Daddy up from downstairs to tell him and he was all excited. Then we had to call Grandma and she told Grandma that she did peepee in the potty. It looks like Sarah may start her potty training without us. We had discussed potty training with our babysitter. She has a little boy one month younger than Sarah so we thought we would train both at the same time to make things easy at daycare. Our sitter suggested more in the warmer weather so we don't have to deal with snow pants and the layers of clothing which sounded like a good idea but now - I'm not so sure Sarah is prepared to wait for the warm weather. We will have to see how things go from here and of course now we better get a potty for Sarah's upstairs bathroom.

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