Friday, April 23, 2010

Big Girl Haircut

It is so true what they say - they do grow up so fast. Today Sarah got a big girl haircut - which means she sat on the "board" all by herself. Sarah has usually just sat on Mommy's knee and our hairdresser, Laura, has had to jump around me and Sarah to cut her hair. Well today she was willing to sit up on the chair on her own and have the cape put on. Mommy had her hair done first as it had been a while since we have had our hair done so Sarah was making a little shy. We were very pleased that she was willing to sit up on the chair but I know our little Sarah loves her picture taken so it was a bit of a bribe and a tool to keep her still so Laura could cut her hair. Even so, Sarah was very cooperative and had the full hair cut experience. Laura couldn't get over how she was so shy, wouldn't smile or talk to anyone while Mommy was getting her hair done, but as soon as the camera came out - there she was, flashing her best smile for the camera - that's our girl - she does love the camera.
Sarah wasn't all that crazy about getting her hair water sprayed but she tolerated it in good spirits.
She even let Laura put the clips in her hair.
Pink Kitty, as always, accompanied us for the experience and sat and watched Sarah get her hair cut - she sat on the counter so she didn't get covered in hair.

Now Sarah was climbing all over Mommy while she was getting her hair cut and as it turned out - got some hair inside her shirt. Well, about half way through Sarah's hair cut - she started to get a little itchy and we lost the smiling face, but she did persevere until the end - blow dry and all.
We solved the itchy clothes by doing a little bit of stripping in the shop and we brushed out the inside of her top.

Since Mommy and Sarah were now beautified, Daddy took us out for a nice dinner. Sarah has the restaurant routine down. We met Daddy and Daddy already had a table so Sarah jumped in and started her colouring.
We have absolutely no worries about Sarah's fine motor skills - in fact, that was something we noticed right away about Sarah. Sarah was very pleased with herself and we were very impressed that she was able to stand the sugar packets on end along this little ledge.
You may notice the wardrobe change - it seems we were not successful in getting all the hair out of Sarah's top, luckily Mommy had a change in the bag.

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  1. we all knew she wasn't just special and beautiful but she is also very smart - can't wait to see her again