Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family Day or Gottya Day

We can't believe that it was a year ago today that we held Sarah for the first time. So many things have happened since then and the time has just flown by. We can't remember a time without her and are so lucky to have her. Last night our Social Worker came by to do the final follow-up report for China which is the end of the paperwork chapter. It's had to imagine the quiet, scared little girl that we met a year ago since today she is happy and rambunctious . She has changed so much - she has grown and developed faster than we could have imagined. Sarah is certainly our perfect little girl and we are so grateful to have her.


  1. happy family / gottya day - i can't believe that it has been a year since you got your wee angel - she has grown so much and we are all lucky to have her in our lives and we thank you both for allowing us to see your little girl grow up

  2. thought i would share -


  3. So happy for you Andrea and Wes. Sarah is a light in your lives and it's wonderful that you are all so lucky to each other!

  4. Congratulations!! So happy for you! One year together and many, many more to come!